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Dr. Cathy Hamilton has spent the majority of her professional career in the public school arena, nineteen years in the language arts classroom (middle school, high school, and collegiate) and seventeen years in either middle school, high school, or county office  administrative positions.  Recognized at the State level for excellence in the classroom and in the administrative office, Dr. Hamilton is known for her work around differentiated instruction as it impacts at-risk learners, particularly children carrying special education labels.  She has served for ten years on a State committee aimed at creating inclusive environments through effective instruction and clear assessment strategies.  Cathy also serves as an adjunct professor for Miami University (Ohio), in the Department of Education Leadership.  Currently, she is the lead editor of a national on-line course that correlates to the TREASURE CHEST, an Ohio Department of Education text geared to facilitation of inclusive education as a reality.  Hamilton’s doctorate is in education administration.

Formerly the Director of the Ohio Principals’ Center, Cathy was a member of the Ohio State pilot “Principals’ Leadership Academy” that developed curriculum for administrative licensure.  Cathy believes effective leadership is paramount to increasing effectiveness in our schools.  A doctoral degree in educational leadership, Dr. Hamilton’s tenure herself as a high school principal saw the school recognized by John Goodlad as one of sixteen high schools in the nation research-driven on behalf of all students.
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Traveling the nation, Dr. Hamilton speaks from her head and her heart about the research on poverty as it impacts student achievement, knowing that an understanding and knowledge of the culture of generational poverty can assist educators in bridging the achievement gap, better insuring school success for all children.  Equally, she shares teaching strategies that give hope and help to teachers as they partner with children toward a stellar education.

She has also taught the course “Multi-Cultural Education” at Ohio’s Miami University, specifically looking at schools’ response to children of color.

Cathy formed her own education consultancy corporation in July of 2005.  Dr. Hamilton is married and the mother of two adult daughters, proud of a super son-in-law.


Cathy Hamilton

A nineteen year veteran of the classroom, a former high school principal, a national presenter around issues of special education, and she herself a child of generational poverty, Dr. Hamilton presents concrete strategies for increasing academic achievement, research-based best practices that bring hope and help to children of poverty, children of color, children whose first language is not English, and children with identified disability.

Cathy Hamilton and Associates, LLC, is a consulting organization bathed in the concepts of equity and dignity for all people and the assurance that continuous learning moves us further along that journey.

Cathy Hamilton and Associates works predominately with education entities, but also has consulted with the corporate world, the penal system, the medical field, social workers, and clergy and parent organizations. 

While descriptions of available programs are listed below, the organization gladly customizes to meet client needs.

Safe, Invited, and Master Taught: Challenging the Barriers to Academic Achievement in America

We have known in our heart and now know in our head that academically at-risk children must have intentional intervention in our school settings if they are to increase academic achievement—those AYP children: Children of color, children who do not own English as their dominant language, children with identified disability, and, of course, children of poverty.  A national presenter and herself a child of generational poverty, Dr. Cathy Hamilton explores the intersection between the poor and the other three AYP categories.  Sharing the culture of poverty as it impacts achievement in classrooms, Dr. Hamilton then offers concrete classroom strategies for enhancing educational opportunities for all children.

Leadership in the Classroom

Around the nation, the phrase “adequate yearly progress” evokes emotional response.  How are we educators to increase the achievement levels in children who, for whatever reason, are so far behind academically?  Participants are invited to take a critical look at their own status and to create a plan for their own continuous learning, a plan that aligns our head and heart, our theory and our work.  Having dug the data, teachers put hands on indicators, practice creating an assessment map, are introduced to unit design, and then complete the workshop with a clear understanding of effective lesson design.  Join Dr. Cathy Hamilton in pursuing concrete classroom strategies that give new hope to these students and to those who would teach them.  (Can be one or two days.)

Bullying: Outing the Hard Truth

Dr. Cathy Hamilton takes on a tough topic, one that is demanding critical thinking throughout the nation’s school systems. Estimates indicate that daily 160,000 children, fearful of going to school, stay home. Acknowledging the urgency of this problem, Dr. Hamilton facilitates a discussion around the underlying causes of bullying. Participants will leave with strategies for positively impacting the bully toward healthy behavior change while observably protecting the victim of bullies, offering them strategies for their own preservation.

Dr. Hamilton brings years of classroom and administrative experience to this topic. As a child of generational poverty, physical violence was a common event in Cathy’s childhood. However, she is acutely aware, and research supports this truth, that most bullying in our schools is not physical. Those threatening non-verbals, however, keep too many of our students on the defensive, in survival mode. Educators can impact this situation.

When available, Dr. Hamilton’s daughter Marianne Hamilton Lopez will join in these presentations. Ms. Hamilton Lopez has work experience in program management and policy development within the government (Federal Department of Health & Human Services and the State of Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene), academic (Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities), and nonprofit sectors. Over the past nine years, Ms. Hamilton Lopez has spoken on behalf of organizations working with victims of rape and domestic violence. Ms. Hamilton Lopez holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Public Policy.

The Treasure Chest

Join Dr. Cathy Hamilton in an action study of the text called STANDARDS-BASED INSTRUCTION FOR ALL LEARNERS: A TREASURE CHEST FOR PRINCIPAL-LED BUILDING TEAMS IN IMPROVING RESULTS FOR LEARNERS MOST AT-RISK.  The Ohio Department of Education published this text of lengthy title, better known simply as The Treasure Chest, which is filled with strategies for meeting students where they are academically and moving them toward higher academic achievement.  Cathy was a co-presenter of this work with Margaret Searle for several years for the Ohio Department of Education; it was originally titled LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS.  Margaret wrote the text, relying heavily on the Leadership for Results curriculum, and Cathy edited the on-line course that reflects so much of the same curriculum; the on-line course is complete.  Cathy and Margaret offer this work as a team, but can deliver the work individually. (Two Days)

Challenging the Barriers to Academic Achievement in America

Dr. Cathy Hamilton addresses the culture of poverty, ethnicity in America, disability issues, and English as a second language.  Seeking first to understand the cultural aspects of students who traditionally struggle academically, the seminar then moves into strategies for enhancing academic achievement in children who often are marginalized in our school settings.  (This can be a four day seminar, done at once, or distributed over the school year.)

Creating Collaborative Leadership

Dr. Cathy Hamilton shares both theory and practical strategies for creating a collaborative leadership that culminates in a results-oriented work place. Cathy was a lead principal in Ohio’s construction of the ISLLC curriculum that teaches the facets of administrative leadership--Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium. Her doctoral study in collaborative leadership, Cathy’s work looks at the various stages of leadership development. Participants will create a visioning tool to guide their progress. This program is geared to administration and those considering administration. (This work can be customized for the school environment or for other work establishments…..recommended two to three days.)

Ain’t Nothin’ Special ‘bout Special Education

Dr. Cathy Hamilton, teacher, school principal, and mother of a thirty-year-old daughter diagnosed with multiple disabilities, traces the history of our current approach to disability in school children and the challenge facing those who would further empower  those whose lives have too often been marginalized by policies and lack of knowledge.  Along with a discussion of the culture of disability, Dr. Hamilton will offer strategies for scheduling staff and students that creates an invitational climate for children with disability.  Teaching strategies will be shared, from digging the data to the daily lesson design. 

This seminar is NOT limited to teachers with special education credentials; it is appropriate to any classroom teacher or administrator.

Creating a Learning Community

Dr. Cathy Hamilton teaches strategies for classroom management that allows students to feel safe and invited, allowing master teaching to occur.  Discipline strategies as well as instructional strategies are offered (one day).

Language and Literacy

Dr. Cathy Hamilton, a nineteen year veteran of the Language Arts classroom and former professor of linguistics, talks literacy through a respect for language.  Citing researchers around the power of language, Dr. Hamilton engages participants in strategies for increasing the necessary vocabulary for living a more empowered life (four hours).

KEYNOTE:“Becoming an Intentional Intervention”

Dr. Cathy Hamilton delivers a 45-60 minute keynote on the power of owning our own authority in the lives of students.

KEYNOTE: The Cultural Continuum: What is our role in creating a kinder, gentler nation?

Dr. Cathy Hamilton discusses the barriers to our truly being a united nation and offers hope for a different picture….if we are able to hear hard truths. (45-60 minutes, eclectic audiences)

KEYNOTE: Humor Helps

Dr. Cathy Hamilton, taking on the serious topic of enhancing student achievement, reminds of the importance of laughter in our work….(45 minutes)

KEYNOTE: “Here’s Lookin At You, Babe”

Seeing Education through Hollywood Eye

KEYNOTE: “If They Are Not Following, You Are Not Leading.”


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