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Past Events and Testimonials
Along with work over the past few years in many school districts, Cathy has also spoken at a number of local, state and national conferences. Here are a few:

  • Correctional Education Association of Ohio
  • Hamilton County, Ohio, Juvenile Court
  • Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE)
  • Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialists (MAS/FPS)
  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
  • Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education (OACHE)
  • Ohio Association of Supervisors and Secondary Administrators (OASSA)
  • Ohio Coalition for Children with Disabilities (OCECD)
  • Ohio Education Association (OEA)
  • Ohio Juvenile Court Clerks Ohio School Resource Officers Association (OSROA)
  • Trumbull, Ohio, County School Administrators, Treasurers & Technology Coordinators

Testimonials 1- 5


I thoroughly enjoyed everything you had to say - your experiences, insight and advice was truly inspirational. I believe every educator should have the opportunity to see you!!

After each of your presentations, I'm left with a desire to learn more from you. Thank you for fueling a fire in me. I'm not sure where the fire will take me, but I do know it will cause me to be a more caring, understanding teacher.

Your talk just absolutely blew me away. What you have to say is something that every single American ought to hear. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

Thank you for the inspiration to keep marching forward and trying new techniques to reach more kids.

I wanted to thank you for what was the best workshop I ever attended!!!!!!!!!! So much that you said touched different parts of my experiences with students. I wish I could go back with this knowledge in hand and do something differently.

Testimonials 6 - 10


I just wanted to thank you for your presentation yesterday. Your story is an inspiration. Your thoughts and ideas that you shared will resonate within me for the rest of my profession. Thanks so much for what you do.

Your sharing with staff reminded all of us why we do the jobs we do. You were able to give us a fabulous start to the school. The positive remarks still keep coming in. I have added to my weekly bulletin "Cathy Thoughts" where I will be taking quotes from your presentation to use as reminders.

You are not only extremely knowledgeable but an excellent speaker that made me feel welcome and engaged.

My staff and I are still chatting about all the issues you covered during your discussion, and how relevant your entire message was to our district. This was certainly one of the most, if not the most, meaningful Professional Development day this district has ever had. Mylissa

Your presentation opened hearts, minds, and caused some to squirm in an uncomfortable way.

Testimonials 11 - 15


I can tell you that after hearing you speak that this will make a difference in my life and I have already shared much of what you were saying with other teacher friends, colleagues and family members.

I have never been to a seminar that had moved me as much as I was moved by yours! Thank you for being so inspirational and for giving people like me faith that we can do anything we put our mind into!

I attended the first day of your workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the morning session I went home and brought my wife back with me. You generated some really great conversations for us. It was so informative and fun – you’re a great speaker. You’re also a great role model.

Your presentation is phenomenal; educational, funny, emotional, personal.

The timing of this conference could not have been more perfect for the situation we face at the Middle School. As a team, we began a healing process right there in the conference room. We are determined to be stronger advocates for children.

Testimonials 16 - 20


I think most of us lose sight of the daily lives our students lead. The day was an enlightening day for me and will definitely help me in becoming a better teacher!

WOW!!!! That is the only word I can use to describe my thoughts/feelings as I walked out of that gym yesterday afternoon. I have to admit, I was one that woke up saying "Damn, I have some REAL work to do!" And since it is confession time, I also brought classwork to work on in case it was 'boring'. Needless to say, I never even thought of looking at the work and I left with the realization that my previous perception of 'real work' was not even near the mark. I now have a glimpse of the true work upon which I should be focused.

I have never seen teachers give anyone a standing ovation - a great testament to the importance of what you had to say.

Your presentation brought my team to the understanding of the need for the entire staff to come together as we work towards continuous student achievement.

I just wanted to take a minute to again express my appreciation of your presentation last night. It was, by far, the most informative and entertaining presentation that I have heard in many years.

Testimonials 21 - 25


Your stories help validate, challenge, and renew me as an educator. There are times when my hope for our cause diminishes. In those times, I am always thrown a lifeline for renewal. My passion for the work we do is deep, wide, and rages on. And my hope that we are making a difference around the important pieces is bolstered as a result of my experiences with you recently. THANK YOU :)

You have presented a challenge for all of us to care for and about all of our children, especially those children who are at risk for failure, for whatever reason.

We received very positive response to your first presentation from the staff evaluations. Everyone we heard from felt as if they heard something they could immediately use in their classrooms.

Your stories have opened windows of comprehension that would have remained closed to me without your ability and willingness to share your journey. I appreciate the chance to view the world from these new portals.

You are such a motivational leader, teacher, person...! We are already looking forward to your next presentation.

Testimonials 26 - 30


You have truly impacted my life and I am extremely grateful that your message has pushed me to be the best I can be. Thank you!!!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for everything at the recent conference. You have a gift for public speaking and I appreciate that you shared that gift with all of us. I particularly enjoyed how you personalized the message throughout. Thank you for speaking boldly about what needs to be done for kids.

You touched my heart in ways I never thought possible. It is exciting to hear you explain how we can make a difference for these students who may need a positive force. I have taken so much of what you have shared with us back into my classroom and my personal life. I hope others see that what you are teaching us is not just for the four walls of their classroom. I know some still believe they can only teach in a classroom - what a shame. I am so glad you have shared with us many of your gifts and insights. Thank you so much.

I also wanted to tell you how awesome your workshop was. You had my attention the entire day. Everything was so relevant and so well presented. When I said that I've done so much of what you said in my 33 years of teaching, I was being genuine because it felt so good to be affirmed. So many days I would feel as if I hadn't made a difference, but now I know I have.

First of all, thanks again for your amazing workshop. It was truly the most valuable 2 days I've spent in my career, and I will use your information every day. You have a convert in me, and I'll be proselytizing all over the district! Thanks for your professional input. Again, I am a changed person because of your work, and I hope I can do it justice in my classroom and my building! Thank you very much.

Testimonials 31 - 34


I was one who had the good fortune to spend two days of intellectual gymnastics in your seminar. I wish to thank you for your precious time, and for your dedication to the further enlightenment of teachers such as myself. I have lived many different lives, but after only thirteen years of teaching I understand this profession is my love, and my last journey. I also now understand this is where I belong. I deeply thank you for that.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life with me for the past few days. It has been a very long time since I have walked out of a conference as moved as I was the past few days.

I didn't view yesterday's session as information from an educator. I felt like you were an evangelist and I was at a revival. I believe I have some new tools to use this school year and thanks to you, I am excited and motivated to try them out. I have always understood the tremendous responsibility I have as a teacher and I needed to hear you reinforce that in your presentation.

You have changed our whole outlook on how we handle our clients.

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